Viz360 Planner configurator for closet and wardrobe design

For closet or wardrobe design, the 3D Viz360 Planner configurator is the perfect ally for sales teams. It enables professionals to create their composition on the web, in 3D and in real-time. By complying with all related sales and production constraints, all related errors are automatically avoided.

Instant quotation functionality allows direct and effective management of project budget. The user experience is optimized and the ease of use quickly puts sellers at ease with the configurator. Concerns are swept away, the seller can compose tailor-made designs without worry and is free to concentrate on sales sector development.

Viz360 Planner Kazed

In parallel with the Viz360 Closet configurator, for use with closet doors, Kazed wished to simplify the design of closets and wardrobes for their professional clients. The Viz360 Planner solution was chosen, as it respects all known manufacturing rules and calculates in real time the price of the project. Our clients are now equipped, whatever their level of experience, to compose a project and provide a related quote without any risk of error.

Viz360 Planner Sopam

Sopam’s ambitions of digital development led to the implementation of the Viz360 Planner configurator. Designed exclusively for professionals, the tool allows the creation of error-free customized closets via the Web, in 3D and in real-time. The integrated backoffice tool also enables an efficient follow-up on customer projects and the automatic dispatch of customer orders to the manufacturer.

spisoftwareViz360 planner